Airport-Transfer Cluj-Budapesta Închirieri Microbuze

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Reduceri acordate

Reducere pentru pensionari la transferul către Aeroport.

Reducere pentru studenţi la transferul către Aeroport.

Reducere pentru copii cu vârsta de până la 6 ani la transferul către Aeroport.


Place Local time
Dej 06:30
Cluj  08:00
Oradea 11:30
Ferihegy Airport [F1,2A,2B] 13:30
NÉPLIGET Bus Station 14:00

Place Local time
Dej 20:00
Cluj  22:00
Oradea 00:30
Ferihegy Airport [F1,2A,2B] 04:30
NÉPLIGET Bus Station 05:00

Ticket prices

Budapest - Cluj
Cluj - Budapest
Single ticket 25 EUR / 7.000 HUF / 100 RON
Return ticket 40 EUR / 12.000 HUF / 170 RON

Discount for pensioners and students for Ferihegy Airport!
Discount on the bus ticket if you buy your plane ticket from our company!
Discount for all children under the age of 6 for Ferihegy Airport!

     SOVA Impex pays special attention to offer the best service for the passengers, so we provide an other bus for the place of departure all the time. It would not be a problem if none of our buses were ready to depart because we are contracted with other transport companies who, in case, can take you to your destination. In such case, our company pays for the additional charge of the transport.

 Information and booking of the tickets

Please, do not forget to ask for and detract the discounts offered by SOVA Impex if you are entitled to them.

Always ask the bus driver for your ticket and keep it because

  1. the ticket guarantees your travel and package insurance.
  2. a ticket inpector can get on the bus at any time.
  3. if you buy your ticket in the discount season, you can get some more price-cutting.

* If you ask for a single ticket, it costs the same in both directions. If you buy a return ticket, we can offer you a discount for the journey back, so whenever you can, buy a return ticket.

** We aim for precision in arranging all our scheduled departures, that is why we cannot wait for the late passengers. If the passenger is not at the appointed place at the time of the departure, the bus departs without the latecomer, considering the other passengers. In that case the purchased ticket is invalid and asking for a refund is not possible.

*** Stops / Rest areas | Attention! The Budapest-Cluj-Dej (and Dej-Cluj-Budapest) international bus stops at two additional places for a short time so that the passengers can have something to eat, smoke or use the lavatory. These stops do not affect the travel time and these are not regular stops, so new passengers CANNOT get on the bus.


SOVA APARTMAN, Hajdúszoboszló

  Dacă doriţi să vă relaxaţi câteva zile în renumita staţiune balneară de la Hadúszoboszló, vă invităm să ne vizitaţi pe noua noastră pagină web!

Casa "Sova Apartman" vă aşteaptă cu apartamente duble (cu posibilitatea de pat suplimentar), într-o zonă plăcută, liniştită.

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